MIDTERM - YES Van Zoonen*WOMAN Aristoles Jeff Jones 3...

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YES NO Van Zoonen*WOMAN Boorstin* Aristoles Plato Jeff Jones* 3 readings Habermas Huizinga * Dyer* Lazershelf /morton Emily West – public screen- WOMAN Van Zoonen - 3 SPHERES OF ACTION: public life: business; private: lifestyle, what they do, preferences; Public & Popular: showing you care and are a part of something, poltical public act and its staged, all for entertainment. . they have to commute to address all the spheres, show stance but at same time touch the audience. Really big on individual: paying attention individual and personality, performance over issues. The celebrity politician -- media visibility modeling theory power of politician is how its modeled after - - - SEEEE NOTES! Baym- colbert report – politics involve in leisure time and entertainment. Binaries politics and popular culture info and entertainment laugher and argument real and surreal cannot be separated. Entertainment is yes because you can learn so much from them they cannot be separated. INFOTAINMENT – Warner -big on branding(people use branding to get their word out; politics use branding, they have an image and develop persona) and culture jamming ( ie. DOVE, from save and then the commercial of DOVE killing rainforests) ad busters! Ppl mocking serious issues and making money ie. John steward by using parody! To bring up subjects they shouldn’t necessarily be talking about. POLITICIANS ARE LIKE ADS politics is about brand image, while that’s true we have to recognize it is a response, find a public sphere inside commericial culture we develop trust and loyality as we are to products – like politicians Jeff Jones - politicians and celebrities are marketed together; lined blurred. Politics happens
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MIDTERM - YES Van Zoonen*WOMAN Aristoles Jeff Jones 3...

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