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MCB 410 SPRING 2001 KEY Second hour exam. March 30, 2001 AVERAGE = 64.3 SCORE DISTRIBUTION 1. (6 pts) Antibodies have two antigen binding sites. Treatment of cells in culture with an antibody that binds to a specific type of receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) can sometimes activate the RTK. In contrast, the same treatment with an antibody that binds to a specific type of a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) almost never causes activation of the GPCR. Explain in a few sentences why the RTK is activated by the antibody and the GPCR is not. ENZYME LINKED RECEPTORS ARE ACTIVATED BY DIMERIZATION WHILE GPCRS ARE ACTIVATED BY SPECIFIC LIGAND INTERACTIONS. IT IS EASIER FOR ANTIBODIES TO CAUSE DIMERIZATION THAN TO MIMIC A SPECIFIC INTERACTION WITH GPCRS 2. (8 pts) You have just cloned a new GEF protein. Looking at its sequence you find a domain that suggests a way in which the GEF might be activated. What is the most likely mechanism of activation of your GEF if that domain were: A.) an SH2 domain PHOSPHOTYROSINE OR RECEPTOR TYROSINE KINASES B.) an FYVE domain RECEPTOR SERINE/THREONINE KINASES. C.) a Calmodulin binding domain CALCIUM OR GPCR‡ IP3‡ CALCIUM D.) a PH domain PI3 KINASE OR PIP3 3. (10 pts) Nitric oxide plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure. Acetylcholine (Ach) binds to G-protein coupled receptors on an endothelial cell causing the activation of phospholipase C and eventually causes the relaxation of a neighboring smooth muscle through the closure of Ca++ channels regulated via phosphorylation. Outline the signal transduction pathways in both cells that could mediate this interaction. THIS IS EXACTLY THE PATHWAY OUTLINED ON SLIDE 14, LECTURE 2/21 AND REPEATED ON SLIDE 2. LECTURE 2/23 4. (12 pts) Given the above pathway, would the following treatments cause (A) an increase in blood pressure, (B) a decrease in blood pressure or (C) no
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Exam22001key - MCB 410 Spring 2001 Page 1 of 3 MCB 410...

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