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bR-Desperately Seeking Paradise

bR-Desperately Seeking Paradise - Yue Ke Reli 181(603 In...

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Yue Ke Reli 181 (603) 12/05/2009 In Ziauddin Sardar’s Desperately Seeking Paradise , Sardar relates his travels around the world seeking to fix the plight of the umma. During his adventures, he encounters many groups of Muslims, each with different formulas “for paradise here and hereafter.” 1 Sardar views himself as a target for all groups as he is young and unaffiliated. The first group encountered is the Tablighi Jama’at, who approached him while he is still a university student. Sardar is initially guilt tripped into joining them when his visitors point out that he has not been mindful of his prayer. The Tablighis are concerned with Muslims being able to offer “their prayer exactly in the prescribed manner.” 2 According to Masud Sahib, Tablighi Jamaat was started to cleanse Indian Muslims of their old Hindu practices. The Tablighis never aspired to being “an intellectual movement” and so simplified Islam into a “basic six-point formula, calling for rigorous observance of the fundamental rituals of Islam.”
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