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BR-Mantle of Prophet - Yue Ke Reli 181 Sec 603 Roy...

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Yue Ke 5/6/2009 Reli 181 Sec 603 Roy Mottahedeh’s The Mantle of the Prophet is a narrative following the life and education of a mullah whose pseudonym is Ali Hashemi. In between accounts of Hashemi’s life, there are passages in which Mottahedeh attempts “to present an extended reading of the history of Iranian culture insofar as it applies to the lives of the principal characters.” 1 Mottahedeh blends in sketches of influential Iranians including Ibn Sina, an eleventh century physician and philosopher, Isa Sadiq, the foremost proponent of modern Iranian education, Mohammad Mossadegh, the prime minister whose attempt to nationalise Iranian oil in 1951 was so opposed by the US that a coup was arranged to topple him, Jalal Al-e Ahmad, whose book Euromania deplored Iranian greed for western things and signalled the beginning of an alliance between mullahs and leftist intellectuals, and the Ayatollah Khomeini, whose call for an activist clergy is responsible for setting in motion the Iranian Revolution in 1979. By weaving in the narrative of Hashemi’s life, Mottahedeh makes historic events and figures relevant if not directly with the present, then certainly with certain segments of Hashemi’s personal experience.
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BR-Mantle of Prophet - Yue Ke Reli 181 Sec 603 Roy...

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