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BR-A History - In A History of Modern Palestine, Ilan Pappe...

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In A History of Modern Palestine , Ilan Pappe provides a revisionist, post-Zionist recreation of past historical events leading up to, and following, the creation of the state of Israel and the subsequent displacement of Palestinian Arabs into surrounding states. He tries to frame the Zionist movement in terms of colonialism by contending that Zionism is essentially another form of colonialism practised by the European powers from the beginning of the twentieth century by using historical evidence such as the Balfour declaration and Israeli military history sources. He ultimately not only fails to provide an accurate account of the creation of the modern state of Israel but also is unable to coherently articulate the reasons for his theory regarding Zionism. Pappe believes that because “Zionism acquired the power and motivation for change” that was characteristic of colonialism, Zionism can be seen as being very similar to colonialism 1 . Because of the parallels between the two, the differences are ignored by Pappe. Pappe says that because Zionism was a European concept, its influence, beginning in 1882, in Palestine was part of Westernisation. He notes that colonialism and Zionism shared certain consequences, and that all the newcomers who arrived at Palestine wanted “to turn it into a modern entity [which] also shows something about the way they perceived the indigenous population.”
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BR-A History - In A History of Modern Palestine, Ilan Pappe...

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