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World Population/Demographic Transition A doctrine is generally taken to be true by definition A theory is generally accepted as true only if supported by observations Pronatalist positions favour population growth (emphasize quantity) Antinatalist positions oppose population growth (emphasize quality) Set against these involuntary positive checks were what Malthus called preventative checks, essentially limits to the number of births (abstinence) A count of the de facto population would include all people who are in a given territory on the census day. The de jure population includes people who legally “belong” to a given area in some way or another, legal citizens for example, regardless of whether they were there on the day of the census. Coverage error includes the combination of undercount (the percentage of a particular group or total population that is inadvertently not counted in a census) and over count (people who are counted more than once in a census). Content error refers to an inaccuracy in the data obtained in a census. It could be an error in reporting, editing, or tabulating Sampling error refers to differences between a sampled population and the larger group from which the sample was chosen Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and abortions are known as vital events Mortality One aspect of mortality is life span , which refers to the oldest age at which human beings can survive. The second aspect, longevity , refers to the ability to remain alive from one year to the next – the ability to resist death.
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One of the most important causes of death among infants is dehydration, which can be caused by almost any disease or dietary imbalance, with polluted water being a common source of trouble for babies. It is believed that a real biological superiority exists for women in the form of an immune function, perhaps imparted by the hormone oestrogen. x n M = x n x n p d × 100,000 n d x is the number of deaths in a year of people of a particular age group in the interval x to x + n AADR = i x n ws × n M x There are three main reasons why people die: 1) They are killed by diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another by infectious and parasitic diseases. 2) They die from degenerative diseases.
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CheatSheet - World Population/Demographic Transition A...

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