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Even though people don't know one another. .. has become more true in recent years Celebrity-hood fungible between politics and entertainment Celebrity-hood can be converted into other domains Party at haven hamilton's house In pursuit of celebrities Political apathy and lack of personal intimacy Erosion of meaning and commitments Volatility of public moods Breakdown and rejections Should people be worried about lack of freedom Happy ending? Network (1976) another film w/ similar theme of maintaining clear sense of self--even a madman attracts followers New climate in which person and public borders have faded Attracted jimmy carter and others Culture of Narcissism - Christopher Lasch 1978 Univ Rochester professor Heightened presence of mass-media imperatives and fantasies and the difficulty of maintaining a clear sense of self Within the context of no context Testiness of crowd; Nice crowd turning ugly A vengeance behind it Throwing of paper cups = she's a throwaway item
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