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--Simon Frith, Sound Effects "The problematic issue that runs (if in different ways) through the history of all forms of popular music since the development of industrial capitalism is the relationship between music as a means of popular expression and music as a means of making money." WOODSTOCK NATION: POPULAR MUSIC & THE EFFORT TO FORGE NEW COMMUNITIES OF YOUTH CULTURE IN THE 1960S A. Rock as folk expression? C. B. Rock as a music of political dissent? 1. The Problem of Rock in a Commodity Culture San Francisco "Be-In" at Golden Gate Park: Jan. 14, 1967. A. Haight-Ashbury and the Commercialization of the Counter-culture. B. Monterey Pop Festival: June 1967. C. The Who with Peter Townshend Jimi Hendrix Janice Joplin Emergence of New Rock Stars: 2. Ambiguities of Rock Festivals and the Invocation of a Counterculture Jimi Hendrix: The National Anthem as a protest song 3. Woodstock: Aug. 15-17, 1969: The Great Camp Meeting of the New Religion
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