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Shirley Temple--the little girl who fought the great depression Shirley temple -- optimistic songs General emotion was positive What was the source of her emotional power and cultural centrality in the depression Most popular star for 4 years (box office) 1930s great depression: period in which smiling was extolled more than ever before by public figures 'the only thing we have to fear is fear itself' - FDR, 1st inaugural address Roosevelt sensed emotional crisis within economic great depression Economic system works on trust/confidence Fireside chats: told people to leave money in bank, to earn interest Film launches Temple's success, she's seen as a natural actress, natural effusion of cheer FDR-esque, "secretary of amusement", Life imitating art imitating life--Temple's film, "standup and cheer" For 15 cents an american can go to movies and see smiling face of a baby and forget his troubles: attributed to FDR, about S Temple Parents sign contract w/ Fox, saved the studio from bankruptcy Becomes icon for all americans/rich/poor alike Was one of largest paid actresses, around cary grant, still more from many product endorsements and licensing agreements (around 15 times the amount of her salary) Temple also 'perfect entertainment for every family in the land' a welcome moral
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