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3192008 - Fascination of inverse doubles in 19th century Dr...

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Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde Antagonist of Sherlock Holmes--Prof Moriarty Poe's "The man of the crowd" Fascination of inverse doubles in 19th century: Puzzle or game in which chance ultimately minimised Solution as triumph of rationality Rise of statistical and probabilistic thought Classic detective story, taming of chance At first applied to astronomy: An underlying law beneath apparent chance Crime Waves and statistical probabilities: a just and ordered universe in 19th century detective fiction Francis galton 1822-1911 Coined term eugenics, fascinated with statistical thought; finding patterns/averages/etc in everything "Human types" physiognomic traits of various types and classes of people Events are governed by chance, law second, habits third Can't assert that there exists an underlying law; law is the overlaying Charles sanders peirce 1839-1914 Hard boiled story : more chance, more risk/uncertainty Suspicion in postwar society Great depression Fascination with chance - barnum's age Poker as a game of chance? - the great american past time, mae west film
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