3172008 - From Genteel Detectives to "Tough Guys"...

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Unformatted text preview: From Genteel Detectives to "Tough Guys" Transformation of the Detective Story Read Maltese Falcon When/why does it emerge How/why does it change What's larger cultural significance What are implications of its conventions How does it fit into broader patterns of the popular arts ten second drawing of a detective Criminal turned investigator, published (ghostwritten) Memoirs in 1829 Introduced record keeping, criminalistics, science of ballistics Eugene Francois Vidocq-1775-1857 First appeared in US in 1860s Sir Robert peel--established modern metro police force with HQ at scotland Yard in london, 1829 French characters set in Paris Poe's "The Murders of the Rue Morgue" 1841 Classic detective story--emergence in early 19th century Logic, deductions, not only intuitions as before "Crime is common, logic is rare" -- to find underlying logic pattern underneath confusion Sherlock Holmes--1887--A Study in Scarlet: appears in many of doyle's stories, including "the adventures of sherlock holmes" -1894...
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