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Domestic cartoon opera leonard Bernstein Trouble in Tahiti (1952) 1. Situation comedy: I love lucy, job switching episode 2. Real-life domestic tragedy and its legl aftermath hoyt v florida 1961 3. Bernstein by early 50s had already written a ballet, led to "On the town" conducted NY Philharmonic, 'serious' music Trouble in tahiti--set against domestic happiness Begins with a song, then fighting over breakfast--satiric background, supposed to be perfect for the couple Married, home in suburbs, 3 or more kids, new consumer products Divorces increase from More married, widowed about constant 1900-1970: Age of first married lowered : end of WW2 and thru 1950s In 1957, only 9% of americans thought an unmarried person could be happy Birthrate gets big jolt in 1946 -- baby boom Late 1940s: 7% of world population, 42% world's income, half of manufacturing output 1947-61: number of families up 28%; national income up over 60%; discretionary income group doubled 1940: 1/5 americans in suburbs 1960s: 1/3 in suburbs , I LOVE LUCY AND THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE A Domestic Cartoon Opera: Leonard Bernstein, Trouble in Tahiti (1952)
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