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DISNEY’S UTOPIAS OF THE AMERICAN DREAM Culmination of Disney’s career Achievements that have aroused by far greatest popular success and critical debate. Prisms by which to view transformations in postwar American culture. Disneyland in Anaheim, CA (1955) and Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL (1971) DISNEYLAND AS UTOPIA OF POSTWAR AMERICAN DREAM I. Rise of Sunbelt: esp. Southern California and Florida A. From Urban heterogeneity to suburban homogeneity From public spaces to privatized shopping malls Postwar Suburban Boom B. Las Vegas and the domestication of vice 1. Disneyland and the domestication of fantasies of abundance 2. Architectural Fantasies C. Family “Togetherness” D. INSPIRATIONS AND PRECURSORS TO DISNEYLAND II. Disney’s plan for a small amusement park in Burbank, CA A. Indulgence in nostalgia / Affirmations of material progress
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