422008 - 4/2/2008 WALT Disney (1901-1966): fakelorist for...

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A Disney Chronology WALT DISNEY 1901 -- born, Chicago (Dec. 5) Fourth son of stern, demanding father, Elias Disney, and Flora Disney. 1906 -- family moves to farm near Marceline, MO 1910 -- family moves to Kansas City, MO 1918 -- Joins Red Cross Ambulance Corps. Passed most of war in CT. Later went to France. 1919 -- Returns to Kansas City. Becomes apprentice at commercial art studio. Meets Ub Iwerks just after Christmas; two go into business for themselves. 1923 -- leaves Kansas City for Los Angeles. Works on Alice in Cartoonland series. 1925 -- -- Marries Lillian Bounds 1927 -- Oswald the Rabbit series begins. Character of Mickey Mouse conceived. 1927-- Disney makes first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Plane Crazy (inspired by Lindbergh's flight). 1928 -- First sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie (with Mickey Mouse). 1929 -- The Skeleton Dance, first of Disney's Silly Symphonies. 1931-- First color cartoon, Flowers and Trees, (in Silly Symphony series). Becomes first Disney cartoon to win an Academy award as best cartoon of year. Only twice between 1932 and 1942 will Disney fail to win an Academy award. Same year of 1931, Disney suffers from nervous exhaustion 1933 -- Three Little Pigs -- wins Academy award; grosses $125,000 in first year of release, quarter million before first run was finished. 1934 -- The Tortoise and the Hare (based on Aesop fable) wins Academy award. 1937 -- First feature-length animated cartoon, Snow White (derided as "Disney's folly") grosses $8.5 million on first run. Time magazine devotes cover story to Disney. 1938 -- Disney receives honorary degrees from University of Southern California, Harvard, Yale. 1939 -- original watercolour from Disney film bought by Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. By this time Disney regarded as one of leading directors in motion pictures, a man who had done more for film since medium had gained sound and colour than any other director. His growth as artist and innovator widely anticipated. Lewis Jacobs devotes chapter to Disney in book The Rise of American Film (1939). 1940--Fantasia, Disney's most self-consciously "artistic" feature film, released. 1941--bitter labor strike at Disney studios. 1941-42 -- Disney studio disrupted by U.S. military beginning in Dec. 1941 immediately after declaration of war against Japan. Part of studio taken over by anti-aircraft unit--the only Hollywood studio so treated. 1942-45--Disney aids war effort by producing training films (e.g. Aircraft Carrier Landing Signals)
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422008 - 4/2/2008 WALT Disney (1901-1966): fakelorist for...

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