372008 - Comedy of Cultural subversion Marx bros Mae West(1933 year before production code gets tougher year of roosevelt worst year of depression

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The Film that launched the "talkies" Jazz singer By 1930-31 -season running from june 15 to june 1; impact of depression catastrophic: 77% of Broadway shows financial failures By 1931-1932 season: Failure rae jumped to 83% Talking pictures and onset of depression hit boradway theatres Possibilities of sound Transition from stage to screen Comedy and cultural subversion Overriding concerns in lecture: The theatre, talking pics, the depression, exodus to hollywood 1928-hollywood had most productions--year before stock market crash Marx bros Mae West (1933, year before production code gets tougher, year of roosevelt, worst year of depression) Comedy of Cultural subversion Movie atendance and profits up in 1930 over 29 Profits dropped but industry still in black in 31 Defecit in 32 Nearly 1/3 of all theatres forced to shut down 4 of 8 major film companies in financia disarray 1933 Impact of Depression on ollywood postponed by talkies Daniel lord: author of production code Core: no film should in anyway corrupt a potential viewer; film had a special test to it, it
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