352008 - 3/5/2008 Rituals of Adjustment and Dreams of...

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Need to watch movies for this class. .. Chaplin, Keaton, Silent Comedy Rituals of Adjustment and Dreams of Triumph: Used as automatic vaudeville Appeared at end of vaudeville bills, when people are leaving Then began to supplant vaudeville, demise of vaudeville Film begins in 1890s, simultaneously in US and France Silent Comedy and adjustment to modern life: Two comic confusions Between people and machines a) Between dream and reality b) Body movements are laughable in exact proportion as that body reminds us of a mere machine - henri bergson on laughter, 1900 Silent comedies respond to changed technological environment of modern life, recognised film as industrial art Silent film had musical accompaniment Devised comedy in precise way Elaborate setting up of jokes, situations If not a actor then would like to be a civil engineer confusion between child and adult Physical comedy, Buster thrown around a lot Began with family vaudeville act from 1898-1917: child actor, Launched film career in 1918, Fatty Arbuckle 1923 began feature length films Plays a rich man in rube goldberg fashion, parodied technological devices Man and woman alone on oceanliner The Navigator - 1924 Set in civil war times, plays southerner, too valuable as a rail worker, about lone figure running locomotive The General 1926 Detectives, man who works as janitor/projectionist Buys small box of candy with found dollar, rival picks pocket of girls father and pawns watch to buy larger box of candy; father finds watch is missing, so keaton searches everyone, is framed, then keaton shadows suspect--girlfriend ends up solving crime, meanwhile keaton character goes back to work and falls asleep, dream self gets involved in the film. Film does dreamwork for the audience--escape from everyday problems and working out issues that people are projecting into films Keaton looks to film on how to behave, motion picture autobiographies A movie about movies, what they do for people Sherlock Jr 1924 Buster Keaton - 1895-1966, a "technician" of comedy Popular arts seen as escapist, but also connected to people's lives Fallen gentleman Tramp persona-gentleness from another era Feature length films in 1920s Tramp becomes a figure that is outdated Chaplin was British, grew up on his own; father died at 10, mother psycho; came to US while young Became one of first international film stars Had him in foxholes fighting germans, is caught, miraculously captures Kaiser in a dream, reality when he wakes up is different WWI : Tramp enlisted, Shoulder Arms 1918 film Confusion between a hero in dreams but tramp in reality The Gold Rush 1924 - prospector in Yukon, falls in love with dance hall girl who considers him amusing, dream self entertains her, wakes up and it hasn't happened Chaplin - 1889 to 1977 Silent films and the defense of poetry Assembly line techniques at Ford's factory, Highland Park Use electricity, one of first modern factories Stationary assembly in 1910; in 1913 building larger factory, transformed
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352008 - 3/5/2008 Rituals of Adjustment and Dreams of...

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