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I am pursuing a career in Computer Engineering here at Virginia Tech. I feel that not only did my high school courses prepare me for success in this path, but my freshman year of college did as well. I took numerous high school engineering courses and obviously successfully completed the first year here at Virginia Tech. I have very strong skills in the areas of mathematics, physics, and also the C++ programming language. The great thing about having these skills, though, is that I actually enjoy doing all of them. I find a good math problem to be a challenge and once I find the answer, I feel a since of accomplishment. Though I feel most of the skills I bring to the table are more beneficial rather than harmful, I feel I do need to improve in a few areas. My organization skills are somewhat lower than would I would like them to be. I should keep my documents and tasks a little better organized to enable me to find what I need in a timely fashion and also be able to schedule all the tasks I have ahead of me. To improve this, I just need to have better
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