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Ke, Yue 5/7/2009 1. In programme development, types of requirements include functional, performance, reliability, availability, error handling, interface, and constraints. In developing software for just a single user, one would be able to provide a higher degree of customisation. Also, the ability or possibility to directly interact with the end user is increased. The client would likely also have a better understanding of the end user, which in turn would translate into the programmer being able to better write software for the user. As it is just for a single user, one would not need to worry about having to develop for a range of age groups, genders, varying degrees of knowledge or computer experience, or other arrays of physical and psychological handicaps. Similarly, rather than having multiple user stories, the client would only need to provide one. The client would also be responsible for describing what the user plans on using the software for as well as how the user plans on using it. By only having a single user, it is easier for the developer to come up with a user persona and use cases. In addition to communicating with the client, the developer may have a better opportunity to ask the user directly how she sees herself using the software. This would increase the usefulness of user stories and use cases for the developer to further create software that is easy to use. By being able to directly converse with the user, the developer would not need to guess what the user’s expectations, skill level, time constraints and tolerances are. Furthermore, in only having one user, the development cycle used can be more flexible. For instance, rather than seeking to include all priorities with the first release of the programme, the developer could more easily include later patches that address tertiary priorities. However, if the developer is unable to communicate with the end user, then it would be more difficult to test the software, especially if the software was written and
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TakeHome1 - Ke, Yue 11/3/2008 1. In programme development,...

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