HW00-solutions - kamalska (mk23835) HW00 Quigley (104001)...

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kamalska (mk23835) – HW00 – Quigley – (104001) 1 This print-out should have 31 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – fnd all choices beFore answering. 001 10.0 points What is the molecular geometry oF nitrous oxide (N 2 O) oF atomic order N - N - O? 1. trigonal planar 2. trigonal pyramidal 3. linear correct 4. bent Explanation: Nitrous oxide has the linear structure N O b b b N 002 10.0 points What group must atom A come From in the Lewis dot structure For CH 2 A? The central atom is carbon, which is bonded to two hy- drogen atoms and double-bonded to A. Both carbon and A Follow the octet rule. 1. VA 2. VIIIA 3. IIA 4. IA 5. VIIA 6. VIA correct 7. IVA 8. IIIA Explanation: Because A Follows the octet rule, it must have two lone pairs C H H A b b and 12 valence electrons. C 1 × 4 e = 4 e H 2 × 1 e = 2 e A 1 × xe = xe ( x + 6) e 12 = x +6, so A has 6 valence electrons and is in group VI. 003 10.0 points Antibonding orbitals 1. are responsible For dipole moments in molecules. 2. are higher in energy than bonding orbitals and are thereFore populated with electrons prior to bonding orbitals. 3. lend instability to a molecule when popu- lated with electrons. correct 4. are responsible For high ionization ener- gies in atoms. 5. are lower in energy than bonding orbitals and are thereFore populated with electrons prior to bonding orbitals. Explanation: Antibonding orbitals have nothing to do with dipole moments or ionization energies. They Form From the overlap oF atomic or- bitals, are higher in energy than bonding or- bitals, are populated with electrons aFter the corresponding bonding orbitals are populated and lend instability to the molecule when pop- ulated with electrons. 004 10.0 points The phosphorous anion (P ) has how many total electrons and how many valence elec- trons? 1. 15; 4
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kamalska (mk23835) – HW00 – Quigley – (104001) 2 2. 16; 4 3. 14; 6 4. 14; 5 5. 16; 5 6. 16; 6 correct 7. 15; 5 8. 14; 4 9. 15; 6 Explanation: The total number of electrons equals its atomic number plus one extra electron as is indicated by the charge: 15 + 1 = 16 electrons total. The valence electrons are the outer most s and p electrons. P has 6 electrons in its outer shell. 005 10.0 points A molecule AB 3 has eight shared electrons and follows the normal octet rule. Pick the true statement. 1. It exhibits resonance. correct 2. It must be an anion. 3. It is sp 3 hybridized. 4. It has an angular geometry. 5. It has one lone pair of electrons on A. 6. It is a polar molecule. Explanation: The Lewis structure is A B B B There are 3 RHED so it is sp 2 hybridized. It has trigonal planar electronic and molecular geometry and is non-polar. This structure would have three resonant forms. 006
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HW00-solutions - kamalska (mk23835) HW00 Quigley (104001)...

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