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Excersize Set 1 - Carrie Ann Deis MIS 245 Exercise Set 1 2...

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Carrie Ann Deis MIS 245 9/15/2008 Exercise Set 1 2. FedEx is one of the pioneers in applying wireless to a delivery company. The investments they have made in their delivery communication system have had the greatest impact on the company. The DADS (digitally assisted dispatch system) allows dispatcher to send text- messages back and forth to couriers. i They also have a communication system in every vehicle to avoid the need for carriers to carry change and use payphones. These systems are very good investment because being able to use hand held anywhere devices saves time. This system is much more efficient because problems and delays can be relayed instantly. FedEx.com makes deliveries fast and easy to process. Customers can track their packages, making them happier because they know where their deliveries are at all times. Fewer packages are returned due to people not being home to sign for a package because customers know approximately what time FedEx will arrive. Costs are saved by not needing employees to handle transactions in a store. ii One of the only issues is that the network is very large. A lot of time has to go into overlooking the network for problems and breaches in the system. Managing the network becomes very difficult. FedEx staffs employees whose sole purpose is to protect the network. However, FedEx.com and other innovations have taken FedEx ahead of its competitors. Transactions are running smoother than ever before, and people are very satisfied with their new involvement with the company. For a while, all of FedEx’s competitors fell behind because FedEx’s new communication systems allowed them to be
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much faster and more efficient than other companies. Now, the market is much more evened out than when FedEx first turned to wireless. 10.
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Excersize Set 1 - Carrie Ann Deis MIS 245 Exercise Set 1 2...

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