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ChapterChallenge10 - 2 “protected people” like the...

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Chapter Challenge # 10 Instructions 1. (Points: 1) Marco Polo’s Travels 1. was a hoax. 2. convinced the pope to dispatch a mission to convert the Chinese. 3. helped convince Europeans that Asia was a land of riches. 4. inspired Europeans with contempt for the Chinese. Save Answer 2. (Points: 1) The cross-cultural contacts across Eurasia facilitated by the Mongol empire 1. increased interest in China for contact with the West. 2. led to a European rejection of contact with the East. 3. whetted European and West Asian appetites for more contact with the East. 4. resulted in greater assimilation of non-Chinese culture into China. Save Answer 3. (Points: 1) Muslim Turkic rulers generally treated Hindus as 1. untouchables with whom it was polluting to have contact.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. “protected people” like the Christians and Jews, subject to a special tax, but not liable for conscription. 3. an inferior race subject to extermination. 4. Their slaves. Save Answer 4. (Points: 1) At the death of Chinggis Khan, his empire 1. the capital city of Karakorum was abandoned. 2. was inherited by his grandson Khubilai Khan. 3. collapsed in dozens of competing bands of warriors. 4. was divided into four parts, portioned among his descendants. Save Answer 5. (Points: 1) The Black Death that struck Europe and the Middle East in the mid-fourteenth century probably spread from 1. Karakorum in Mongolia. 2. Chanzhou in China. 3. Yunnan in China. 4. Dehli in India....
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