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Chapter Challenge # 8 Instructions 1. (Points: 1) Jews living under Islam 1. occupied a similar place to that of Jews living in Christian Europe. 2. had a status that was considerably lower than that of Christians. 3. participated fully in commercial and professional activities. 4. frequently found themselves subject to violent oppression. Save Answer 2. (Points: 1) According to Shi’ite doctrine, the imam’s authority rested upon 1. his descendence from Muhammad and thus divine inspiration. 2. his advanced education and wisdom. 3. the caliphate’s bureaucratic and military power. 4. the ulema’s scholarly interpretation of the sunna. Save Answer 3. (Points: 1) The elective caliphate was ended by
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Muhammas decision to assert dynastic rule. 2. assassination and civil war. 3. the Crusades. 4. mutual consent of the umma. Save Answer 4. (Points: 1) According to the text, Quranic injunctions regarding the treatment of women 1. were a substantial improvement on earlier treatment of women in Arab societies. 2. were primarily motivated by the sexual needs of men. 3. actually implied that women were spiritually superior to men. 4. restricted their freedom substantially compared to earlier Arab tradition. Save Answer 5. (Points: 1) At the bottom of the Muslim social ladder were the 1. Christians. 2. slaves. 3. converts to Islam. 4. Bedouins....
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