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Chapter Challenge # 9 Instructions 1. (Points: 1) The greatest source of income for the king of Ghana was 1. his monopoly on the export of gold. 2. the slave trade. 3. looting enemy cities. 4. his royal estates. Save Answer 2. (Points: 1) Swahili is 1. a Bantu language with extensive borrowing of vocabulary from Arabic. 2. an Arabic language with extensive borrowing of Bantu vocabulary. 3. closely related to Khoisan. 4. an Indo-European language with extensive Bantu vocabulary. Save Answer 3. (Points: 1) Great Zimbabwe was the 1. military leader who unified the Khoisan people. 2. military and economic alliance of the city-states of East Africa. 3. great temple in Timbuktu. 4. capital of a vast empire in south Africa.
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Unformatted text preview: Save Answer 4. (Points: 1) Under Mansa Musa, the city of Timbuktu 1. never regained its position as major terminus of the trans-Saharan trade. 2. revolted against the Islamic influences supported by the king. 3. grew into a thriving commercial and intellectual center. 4. was destroyed. Save Answer 5. (Points: 1) The term Bantu refers to 1. a form of slavery practiced in West Africa. 2. the name given the ruler of the kingdom of Ghana. 3. the region between the Sahara Desert and the subtropical region of central Africa. 4. a linguistic classification of African peoples who inhabit central, eastern, and southern Africa....
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