Genetics handout week 7

Genetics handout week 7 - Greg Tyson OH:...

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Greg Tyson OH: Mondays, 5-6 Week 7 Handout 1. A _______ __________ is a method to independently calculated probabilities of different traits and then multiplying them together. 2. A ____ ________ test is used to determine if an observed traits’ deviance from expected values is due simply to chance. X 2 = Σ (observed-expected) 2 Expected 3. Time to combine some concepts: Flower color for petunias exhibits unusual dominance. There can be red flowers (RR), white flowers (rr), pink (Rr). In these petunias, brown seeds (B) are dominant over black seeds (b). a. What kind of dominance is exhibited in flower color? b. Two pink petunias heterozygous for brown seeds are crossed with each other. What will be the resulting phenotypic ratios of the progeny? Use a branch diagram to show this. c. The results of the cross in part b are the following progeny: 24 red flowers, brown seeds 8 red flowers, black seeds 68 pink flowers, brown seeds 22 pink flowers, black seeds 28 white flowers, brown seeds
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Genetics handout week 7 - Greg Tyson OH:...

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