Advertising 9-24-07 - Advertising & Large companies...

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Centralized o Efficiency o Continuity o (In House Agency) company has its own advertising agency in the building o Functional Services Research Media Creative Decentralized o Flexibility o Competition among company and brands Global Advertising Standardized o Global brands o Efficiency / Recognition Localized o Based on differences in each country or culture o Relevance / Understanding Most companies blend strategies to fit a certain culture Advertising Agency An independent organization of professionals who provide creative and business services to clients related to planning, preparing, and placing advertisements. Types of Agencies Geographic Scope o Local
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o Regional o National o International Range of Services o Full-Service General Consumer Business-to-Business o Specialized Creative boutiques Media-buying services Interactive Markets Specialized Agencies What do advertising agencies provide? Account Services
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Advertising 9-24-07 - Advertising & Large companies...

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