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01-11 Notes

01-11 Notes - 1 Peter the Great-Follows the east and...

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5/7/2009 Peter the Great -Follows the east and west. (On the clock). Leit-motif – recurrent element (swaying backwards and forward from east to west) -Moscow is the capital of Russia but is a land lock city with no access to the sea. -The emperor of Russia Peter the Great was a dictator (1682-1725). In 1703 he decided to build a new capital city where he placed by the sea known as St. Petersburg. He brought civilization to Russia. -St. Petersburg was a Pharaonic Project - enormous project. It was located on the Baltic Sea and remained capital till 1917. The Russian people say St. Petersburg is a city built on bones because many peasants died in the process of developing the city. -Once Russia has access to the seas. Peter starts to organize shipyards to build a navy. He imports and exports from Britain and Holland. Then he says without a army the navy is useless so he creates an army by going to Germany and asking for help. -He started to question religion.
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