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Midterm-2-04A - GEOSC 001(BRALOWER Midterm 2 MULTIPLE...

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GEOSC 001 (BRALOWER) Midterm # 2 11/8/04 A MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Please answer the following questions on a computer grading sheet. You must correctly fill out the identification sections on your computer grading sheet to receive any credit. QUESTIONS 1-5: SLIDES 1. What volcano is shown here? 1. Kilauea 2. Mount Rainier 3. Mount St Helens 4. Mount Lassen 2. What is the prominent feature shown in this slide (one of the red lines)? 1. A glacial valley 2. The San Andreas fault 3. A fold and thrust mountain 4. A caldera 3. What earthquake caused this damage? 1. Loma Prieta (San Francisco), 1989 2. Kobe, Japan, 1995 3. Mexico City, 1985 4. Kizmet (Istanbul), 1999 4. What are these features? 1. Domes 2. Grabens 3. Horsts 4. Folds 5. What is shown here? 1. Disconformity 2. Angular unconformity 3. Nonconformity 4. None of the above Non-slide questions 6. Which of the following are pyroclastic in origin? 1. Ash 2. Welded tuff 3. Pyroclastic bombs 4. All of the above. 7. Which is a very common gas from volcanic eruptions? 1. SO 2 2. Ar 3. He 4. N 2 8. What is a composite cone made of? 1. Exclusively pyroclastic material 2. Multiple layers of interbedded ash and lava 3. Basalt 4. Lahar debris 5. Exclusively lava flows
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9. What is the best example of a composite cone? 1. Mount Saint Helens 2. Haleakala 3. Stromboli 4. Kilauea 5. Mauna Kea 10. What is a phreatic eruption? 1. An eruption in which the magma system empties 2. An eruption with a giant gas cloud 3. An eruption catalyzed by seawater 4. A huge eruption from a series of circular dikes 11. What is a caldera? 1. A small cone on the flanks of a composite cone 2. A depression formed after a culminating eruption 3. Another name for a volcanic plug 4. The edifice from which magma erupts 12. What is a nuée ardente? 1. A fast-moving, hot, toxic gas cloud 2. An aggregate of melted and granular ash 3. A deadly mudflow 4. A cataclysmic eruption in which the volcano literally vaporizes 13. What would be the major hazard from an active glacier on an erupting volcano? 1. A lahar 2. A large gas cloud 3. A large lake 14. What is a culminating eruption? 1. An eruption with rapid flows 2. An eruption with a large amount of pyroclastic material 3. An eruption with a violent, toxic gas cloud 4. An eruption in which the volcano blows up 5. An eruption in which the magma system essentially empties 15. Which of the following is being used to monitor activity on Mount St Helens?
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