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Excel Skills Test You may take up to 3 consecutive hours to complete this exam. Please up-load your completed exam to the blackboard site for the course using the assignments function. Please do not email it to me. I do not have the capacity in my mailbox. Exam is due no later than 10 AM, Friday, September 19 th . 1. Open worksheet 1 a. Create a pivot table that summarizes the following: i. The average amount spent on travel by gender for different age groups 1. You will need to group on age. Use 10 year groupings. ii.Graph your results. iii.Format, rename worksheet “travel”. 2. Open worksheet 2 a. Compute the average revenue per quarter for the dataset.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Compute the total revenue per year i. Graph the results. c. Format, rename the worksheet “tarmart”. 3. Insert a new worksheet. a. Compute the monthly payment for a $150,000 loan at interest rates ranging from 4.25% to 8% (.25% increments), with loan periods of 24 and 36 months: i. Create the series of the interest rates in the first column. ii. Insert “Loan period” as the headings for the next two columns. iii.Compute the monthly payments (PMT) for each column. b. Format, rename worksheet “payments”. 4. Save your workbook to: your first name.your last name . GOOD LUCK!...
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