COM 321 - Joseph Forte Jr. - Response Paper #1

COM 321 - Joseph Forte Jr. - Response Paper #1 - Joseph...

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Joseph Forte Jr. COM 321 Response Paper #1 This is the story about a man named Chris. He was a short and stocky man, with a very pleasant appeal to him. Chris started making friends immediately as he entered his freshman year of college. Coming from a big family of 4 brothers and 3 sisters, Chris never had a lack of people to talk to, and his friendly attitude had an everlasting impact on the people he communicated with. Chris was a long way from home, with all his family back in Stanford, Connecticut. It was hard to stay in contact. Nonetheless, Chris called home as much as he could. Chris wanted to go to school to become a doctor. He knows it’s a lot of hard work and patience, but he believes it is his calling. He remembers days when his younger brothers and sisters got hurt and came home crying. He was the first to run and bring the first aid kit, getting those ointments and bandages prepared, and wiping this siblings tears off. He wasn’t sure if it was the feeling of helping another that appealed to him, or maybe it was the role of playing the hero; the man that saved the day. Either way, it stuck with him throughout his teenage years. As he got hooked to medical TV dramas such as ER and even Nip/Tuck, it became evident that the path of medicine was right for him. He started his first year in college with some core classes that would start him on his path to becoming a doctor. One of the first classes he took was human biology. Chris read half the entire textbook by the time the first week was over. He couldn’t get enough of it! He was so interested in how the body worked. Just to look at his own body, and realize that there were so many processes happening inside of him was amazing. Human
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COM 321 - Joseph Forte Jr. - Response Paper #1 - Joseph...

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