COM 326 - Court Watching Report 1

COM 326 - Court Watching Report 1 - Joseph Forte Jr. COM...

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Joseph Forte Jr. COM 326 Court Watching Report 1 For my first court watching report, I watched a Connecticut Supreme Court hearing on ethics. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be present in Connecticut for this hearing, so I watched it instead straight off of YouTube. The hearing was held on December 3 rd , 2007, but I watched it over the internet on October 16 th , 2008, in the comfort of my own home. The hearing was between a panel of people, who I assumed were judges or court personnel, and a handful of citizens from Connecticut who have previously dealt with a situation through the court system. The head panelist talked about how Chief Justice Chase T. Rodgers established a commission to create a strategic plan to assist the judicial branch in its mission to resolve matters in a fair, timely, efficient and open manner. The plan was based on examinations of our states judicial system on such issues as physical and logistical accessibility of our courts, the fairness of treatment in all matters and to all people, and the efficiency and confidence in judicial branch performance. The panelist explained that the public hearing I watched was one of the ways to collect input from the public regarding our courts. The approximately hour long public hearing was basically stories being recited from a bunch of people who got wrongfully treated by the system. The first speaker that talked to the panel was a lady who said she was done wrong from the system. She didn’t explain any specific details about her situation, but she did say she saw first hand people who were wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. Although most individuals that spoke at this event mainly used storytelling to share their situation, this particular women used the rhetorical strategy of
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COM 326 - Court Watching Report 1 - Joseph Forte Jr. COM...

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