Advertising Research 10-15-07

Advertising Research 10-15-07 - Advertising Research...

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Advertising Research Strategy research Creative concept research Posttesting of Ads Pretesting of Ads Focus of Advertising Strategy Research Product Concept Target Selection Message Selection Media Selection Account Planner Account planners represent the consumers in the advertising process Situation Analysis Analyze the situation and define the problem What are industry trends? Are they changing? What is the competitive environment? Who are the category leaders? Who is our competition? Who do we want to compete with? How are others positioned? How are we positioned? Identify others’ advertising strategies Target Audience Analysis General consumer trends o What changes can be seen in consumer lifestyles? Product specific analysis
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o What are the characteristics of the consumers? o How do we examine these groups? o What are the opportunities within each segment? Consumer Insight Research
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Advertising Research 10-15-07 - Advertising Research...

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