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Comm Theory Midterm - Craig Theory as a Field In this...

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Craig: Theory as a Field In this article, Craig claims that communication theory as an identifiable field does not yet exist. What are his reasons for this argument? Craig feels that through all the books and articles on communication theory, few Of them incorporate other theories of communication so it is hard to find the commonalities between the 147 different theories. Most theorists never agree nor disagree on much of anything; there is no consensus on the field. Craig suggests the need to reconstruct communication theory along a dialogical- dialectical coherence rather than develop a unified theory of communication. What does this mean? Why does Craig suggest a dialogical-dialectical coherence rather than a unified theory of communication? Communication theory as a field can be realized through a dialogical-dialectical approach where the theory can always be contestable. The theory should have a set of assumptions that would enable argumentation across the diverse traditions of communication theory. The theoretical matrix offered by Craig rests upon two principles.
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Comm Theory Midterm - Craig Theory as a Field In this...

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