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Reino 1 Marissa Reino Professor Martinez Anthro 200 18 November 2007 From Skeptical to Grateful Growing up my parents never imposed any one religion on my brother and me. My family celebrated Christmas and Easter, but I never learned the meaning behind these holidays. Throughout my childhood all of my close friends were deeply embedded in a religion and would always ask me to come along to their service. My first experience with religion came in the 2 nd grade when one of my close friends asked me to come along with her and her family to attend mass. Once we had taken our seats I felt nothing but the urge to leave as I had never felt more out of place in my life. I knew none of the rituals that were being performed and had no idea what to do, it was as if they were speaking another language and I was lost in translation. I told myself I would never go back to mass, because I never wanted to feel like I did that day in the 2 nd grade. There is no doubt that religion can make a difference in peoples lives but I wanted to find out first hand if this difference was for the better or worse. When this assignment presented itself I knew exactly where I would visit, I would face my fear and attend mass at a Catholic Church. It had been 11 years since I had been, and I had matured and overcome my fears throughout that time and was ready to explore what the Catholic Church had to offer. I always thought that Catholicism was the sister religion of Christianity, but if you ask anyone of either of these religions they will tell you a completely different story. “The choice is between the Bible and the Roman
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Reino 2 magisterium; the choice is between salvation by grace through faith in Christ, or through human merit and effort in the Roman religion” (Mizzi). Since most of my friends are Christian I wanted to discover the mystery behind Catholicism and why it is so often overlooked. I arrived at Saint Simon and Jude Church fifteen minutes before the service began. On the north side of the Church is a cross about three stories high which is a symbol for Christ. Through my previous experience and my research over the internet I knew that I had to wear appropriate clothing so I would not be looked down upon. I decided to wear a grey v-neck sweater matched with a pair of black slacks, I fit right in. Upon entering I had to take a moment to look around the church and admire the stain glasswork that covered the front of the church. The church is designed so that immediately once entering you are faced toward the front where the priest and choir and altar boys are standing on the altar inviting you to come in and sit in a pew. The Church has a very inviting feel to it that fills the room with warmth and acceptance. The members of the church range from young married couples to grandparents the age of ninety. As I looked around I noticed a definite trend in that the majority of the people
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catholicism - Reino 1 Marissa Reino Professor Martinez...

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