SOC UNIT 3new - Soc 354K Discrimination INDIVIDUAL seen in...

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Unformatted text preview: Soc 354K April 10, 2008 Discrimination INDIVIDUAL: seen in “Blood in the Face” video INSTITUTIONAL: policies/procedures of an organization that disproportionally affect one race 1) HOUSING 2) EMPLOYMENT —businesses relocating from one part of the city (AA/HISPANIC) to a part of the city that is WHITE a. Taxes—businesses located in urban (MOSTLY MINORITY) areas have high taxes. They relocate to suburban areas with fewer taxes that happen to be mostly white. 3) CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM —mostly the death penalty. Certain racial groups are more likely to be executed than others. Most violent crime is INTRAracial. A lot has to do with how people are represented in court (PUBLIC DEFENDER/PRIVATE ATTORNEY). If you have your own representation, you are more likely to get off the hook. a. Crack Cocaine—In the 80s, the federal government set federal sentencing guidelines for possessing this drug. 5 grams CRACK 5 years; 500 grams of COCAINE 5 years. This is the 100-1 rule. b. Convictions— i. Black 88%; Hispanic 7%; White 4% CRACK ii. Black 27%; Hispanic 39%; White 32% COCAINE iii. Black 38%; Hispanic 10%; White 52% CRACK USE iv. Black 15%; Hispanic 10%; White 74% COCAINE USE 4) ENVIRONMENT —hazardous dumping sites are usually located in minority areas of the city a. Political power—white communities have more political power than minority neighborhoods i. NIMBY—not in my backyard (for halfway houses) 5) EDUCATION —K-12; it is about the way schools are funded. Westlake has an incredibly high tax rate. The PTA gets money and they hire art teachers, coaches, etc who are being cut in the other schools. a. Strip Annexing—annexing in a “straight line” [Effect that Racism has on SES] 1) At every level of education, African-Americans do worse High school graduates White 13.4%; Black 9.5% Some college White 29%; Black 21% College graduatesWhite 43%; Black 36% 2) Wealth differences between Whites and African-Americans are ENORMOUS. Wealth passes down generations 3) Because of residential segregation—the average dollar does not go as far a. Car/Home insurance HIGHER b. Food costs HIGHER c. Taxes HIGHER d. Mortgage costs HIGHER e. Rental cost/sq. ft HIGHER f. Sin taxes HIGHER (cigarette taxes are INELASTIC; people will rather smoke than buy food) Why do we spend all this time talking about these issues?? The experience of discrimination is bad for health; it is a form of chronic stress!! Discrimination may have its own level of harm. There are pretty solid links between health and discrimination....
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SOC UNIT 3new - Soc 354K Discrimination INDIVIDUAL seen in...

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