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Wicked Char Sketches - link between Animals and humans...

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Wicked : Brief Character Sketches Elphaba : She is the green-skinned protagonist who goes on to become the Wicked Witch of the West. Frex : Elphaba's father, preaches throughout Munchkinland as a Unionist minister. He preaches a strict, conservative religion that abhors any frivolity or distraction, especially the Clock of the Time Dragon. Melena : Elphaba’s mother who comes to rue the life of a Minster's wife. For some time, she escapes into multiple affairs and self-medicating. Nanny : She is the childhood nurse of Melena who arrives to help raise Elphaba. Galinda : She is a vain college classmate of Elphaba’s. Dr. Dillamond He teaches science at Crage Hall. As a Goat, he dedicates himself to finding a scientific
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Unformatted text preview: link between Animals and humans. Madame Morrible : She is the head of the university for women, Madame Morrible works directly with the Wizard. She supports the oppression of Animals. Ama Clutch : She is Galinda’s guardian at the university. Boq : He is a classmate-friend of Elphaba’s. Nessarose : She is Elphaba's younger sister and is born without arms. Grommetik : Madame Morrible's assistant, is not really human or animal. He appears to be a sort of bewitched robot that does as Madame Morrible commands. Fiyero : He arrives in Shiz during Elphaba's second year from Vinkus. Wizard : He sets himself up as ruler of Oz, and eventually, as Emperor....
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