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Unformatted text preview: WOMENS LONG-TERM MATING STRATEGIES [Asexual Versus Sexual Reproduction] Costs of Sex : 1) 50% reduction in gene reproduction 2) Search and courting costsin asexual reproduction, you dont need mating efforts Benefits of Sex: 1) Genetically diverse offspring 2) Offspring more likely to have genetic code that is a little more diverse than yours *Everyone has mutations, but by mating thru sexual reproduction, it has the ABILITY TO ERADICATE MUTATIONincreasing the odds that your offspring will survive * [Parasite theory of origins of sex] Red queen hypothesis Cant fight off any new parasites or adaptations that old parasites have gone through Can only fight off old, ancient parasites Because of heterosexual reproduction (diverse offspring)it gives people a better chance of surviving [Arms Races and Coevolution] Species A Species B Adaptation Counter-Adaptation Refined Adaptation Refined Counter-Adaptation *Parasites are smaller than us and have SHORTER GENERATION* Sexual reproduction allows us to produce offspring that can fight off the mutations; otherwise we would die since the parasites reproduce quickly and are numerous [Sexual Selection] Intrasexual = within members of same sex Intersexual =between members of opposite sex *Males compete with each other so they can have access to mates. * *Males compete with each other to show potential mates that they have resources to be successful. * [Why do Females Choose as They Do?!?] Darwin argued that females preferred beauty. But why did female taste for beautiful ornaments evolve? [Wallace] Females prefer characteristics that make Good Sense o Characteristics indicative of male vigor, health, stamina This is a utilitarian perspective, Darwins was an aesthetic perspective [Fishers Solution: Sexy Sons] Runaway sexual selection (very costly)E.g. fingers that are very long make it hard to survive, peacocks have pretty feathers but they have hard time staying away from predators Your female offspring will only want to mate with males who have the biggest and brightest tails Your sons will only express the best they can Subsequent offspring will all produce bright-colored feathers [Zahavis Handicap Principle] If male peacock is producing the tail, he is telling the female that he is healthy! Pathogens like to attack the eyes of the tail to misshape them Not only does the male attract the female with its large feathers, it is attracting large predators to it as well *It doesnt matter if women prefer beautiful or utilitarian thingsthey want to prefer...
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