Evolutionary Psychology93

Evolutionary Psychology93 - “In the distant...

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Unformatted text preview: “In the distant future…Psychology will be based on a new foundation, that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation.” –Charles Darwin, 1859 Human Psychology WAS NOT EXEMPT from the Evolutionary processes that apply to all species [DIFFERENT SOURCES OF EVIDENCE] • Evidence of homicide —stones and bones dug up by archaeologists and physical anthropologists. There is INCREASING EVIDENCE of bones that have history of homicide and violence. They find arrow tips lodged in the skeletons, large caches of 200 skeletons, holes in the skeletons that correspond in shape to weapons found at the same site . The skulls in skeletons that have these injuries are primarily on male skeletons, rather than female skeletons—this suggests that warfare was more of a male- on-male occasion. • By itself, it doesn’t tell us that humans have an evolved psychology of violence, but it provides some evidence that it does. [EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY KEY QUESTIONS] • Why is the mind designed the way it is? What are the causal processes that produce them? • How is the human mind designed? • What are the functions of the component parts and their structure? By function, for what purpose/adaptive problem does it solve …e.g. callus-producing mechanisms protects structures beneath the skin from friction damage. Helps the organism to survive. They are designed to protect against environmental castigation. • How does input from the current environment interact with the design of the mind to produce behavior ? Input= repeated friction; procedures occur within body; Output= new skin cells…CONSIDER ANALOGY “Jealousy”: there has to be some input in the system. Jealousy is a psychological adaptation that is used to protect against a threat to your romantic relationship. Input has to trigger activation of the psychological action! ENVIRONMENT PLAYS A ROLE IN EVERY CAUSAL STEP IN THE PROCESS!!! • Behavior Psychology Physiology Neurology Genetics Evolution [Turtle picture] • There are different levels of explanation, and sometimes people use the term “biology” for an explanation, even though “biology=life and life processes” • What is the human mind designed to understand? NOT designed to understand SMALL CHANGES that occur in TINY INCREMENTS that occur over millions of years. IT IS designed to understand things of IMMEDIATE RELEVANCE to survival and reproduction (e.g. hunger, keeping warm, preventing partner defection, etc.). Designed to understand a much more limited sub-setetc....
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Evolutionary Psychology93 - “In the distant...

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