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Principles of Drug Action (BIO 365D) Test #3 Name:_____________________________ April 28, 2007 Each of the 12 multiple choice questions is worth 1 mark out of 30 . 1. Which of the following statements regarding teratogenicity is FALSE ? A. A minority of observed instances of birth defects occur as a result of exposure to teratogenic chemicals. B. The time between fertilization to completion of the blastocyst does not appear to be sensitive to structural teratogenicity. C. Functional teratogenicity is typically seen at earlier stages of development than structural teratogenicity. D. Animal studies can fail to detect teratogenicity due to differences in inter-species sensitivity to teratogens. E. The same teratogen may cause different teratogenic effects at different points of development. 2. Susceptibility to pro-teratogens depends on all of the following EXCEPT ? A. Elimination of pro-teratogen by the mother. B. Bioactivation of pro-teratogen by the mother. C. Detoxification of the teratogen by the embryo or fetus. D. Bioactivation of the pro-teratogen by the embryo or fetus. E. Embryo/fetal cytoprotection and repair. . 3. If one were to measure lordosis, this would be an assessment of which instinctive behaviour? A. Locomotion. B. Sexual behaviour. C. Sensory function. . D. Aggressive behaviour. E. Consumatory behaviour. 4. Which of the following drugs impairs formation of new memories, leading to amnesia? A. Amphetamine B. Strychnine C. Vasopressin D. Anisomycin E. ACTH 5. Which one of the following brain regions has been implicated in mediating the reinforcing effects of drugs of abuse by a dopaminergic projection to the nuclus accumbens? A. Dorsal raphé (DR) B. Frontal Cortex (FC) C. Amygdala (Amyg) D. Locus Coeruleus (LC) E. Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) 6. Which of the following produces its pharmacological effects by binding to and activating 5-HT2 receptors A. Ecstasy B. Marijuana C. Cocaine D. LSD E. Methamphetamine.
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7. Which one of the following statements is FALSE ? A. A high percentage of Orientals have a variant of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase that metabolizes acetaldehyde slowly. B. Low initial sensitivity to ethanol increases the risk for the future development of alcoholism. C. Sons of alcoholic fathers are more likely to themselves become alcoholics. D. Physical dependence is the central problem in drug addiction, while tolerance and behavioural dependence are secondary features. E.
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test3_answers - Principles of Drug Action (BIO 365D) Test...

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