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Amy Freeberg Soc150 Gauss My Social Problem Starting at the age of six, I found out what an alcoholic was from my dad. Not the abusive, non-caring, never home father type; however, the type that gets into a car after drinking large quantities of alcohol and killing himself. Not having a father growing up didn’t seem that hard for me because I was so young and my mom is all I knew. Sadly, this was not the case for my brother, (who was ten when the accident happened). He went through a lot more emotional difficulties not having a dad teach him how a normal father- son relationship should be. My astounding mother was working full time so she couldn’t see the bad habits my brother had been getting into his early years of high school; however, I did. It started with him smoking cigarettes as a freshman, who was only 15 years old. Then it continued with lying to my mom and sneaking out of the house to get high with his friends. This was all shocking to me because I looked up to my brother, and would
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