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Amy Freeberg Philosophy 101 Paper #3 What happened to material? All capitalist countries including the U.S. attack Russia from 1918 till 1920. Russians think that the central event defining relations between the capitalists and communists. The U.S. is hostile and attacks the Soviet Union. Jumping in, Prime Minister of England, David Lloyd George Marxisum might “infect,” England. Infected in a way in which his ideas of prophet sharing and election of bosses; only if Lenin could establish the Soviet Union in Russia. This ends the capitalists brought by wealth and power. The Revolutions exploded, bringing in Poland E. Germany and Russian’s neighbor of Hungry. They thought that all capitalists would loose their power, so they attacked and crushed the real workers democracy, trying to overthrow capitalistic democracy; which stimulated in their fear that the Revolution would come and whip them out. After World War I from 1912 to 1918 the Military’s attack was a failure and didn’t have enough military to attack Russia. In return the capitalists prevailed, which made Lenin change from what everyone would want: profit sharing, election of bosses to, something that nobody wants (not even himself) to fight off the capitalists; called the “war communism.” There are three main changes from socialism to war communist. The first one is, under attack. Meaning you can’t have a democracy; one person is in control (a central commander). This brings instant division, because one person is making all the decisions while the others have almost no say in the matter. Democracy turns into dictatorship;
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capitalists pretend to be a democracy but really are a dictatorship. Secondly, all resources go to the military, which leads to consumers to sacrifice. They choose to have starving civilians versus starving soldiers. There is only one chance to throw of depression, in which they have to. The spirit of this fight against the capitalists is liberating. Every human alive fighting for freedom and love, making peace on earth. As long as everyone will ever live, they will sacrifice the few to save the many: forever. And Lastly, they have no freedom of speech. With this includes no civil liberties, and no complaining, but of course they don’t mind if they agree. They have an enemy at the gate. This is stating that if someone is unhappy the word will spread and more people will gain hatred, but if everyone keeps their mouth shut, and if they don’t they will be shot or punished, then no one can say negative things about the government. “Pins in the hand-grenades” but there is less grenades. The only reason you would speak against is if you are ignorant to the punishments. For example, if you are a Russian peasant and don’t know how to read or write and the only thing you do know is that things got from being bad, to being worse. So once you open your mouth and say something about how you don’t like it and someone hears you, they kill you. They all know that the war is
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philpaper#3 - Amy Freeberg Philosophy 101 Paper #3 What...

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