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Amy Freeberg History106:Gastil MW Enlightenment Essay “The Enlightenment was a name given by the historians to a movement that was predominant in the Western world during the 18 th century.” It was strongly influenced by the rise of modern science and by the aftermath of the long religious conflicts that followed the Reformation. The Enlightenment was less a set of ideas than it was a set of attitudes. At its core was a critical questioning of traditional institutions, customs, and morals. Some classifications of this period also include 17th-century philosophy, which is typically known as the Age of Reason . he term "Age of Enlightenment" can more narrowly refer to the intellectual movement of The Enlightenment , which advocated reason as the primary basis of authority. Developing in France , Britain and Germany , the Enlightenment influenced most of Europe , including Russia and Scandinavia . The era is marked by such political changes as governmental consolidation, nation-creation, greater
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enlightenment - Amy Freeberg History106:Gastil MW...

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