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Personality Part 2 11-01-07

Personality Part 2 11-01-07 - Personality Part 2 REVIEW...

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Personality Part 2 REVIEW SESSION WED. 7 th of November 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Summary of Freudian Theory of Personality Deterministic Unconsciousness important Basic Nature – immoral Basic Motivation – sexual o Three major criticisms of psychoanalysis: Freudian theory The theory’s portrait of human nature is too bleak The theory does not meet acceptable scientific standards Research fails to support many of its propositions o Two enduring aspects of the theory remain influential: The view of the mind as an iceberg (i.e. the importance of the unconscious The analysis of defense mechanisms, which is supported throughout psychology in studies of attention, thinking, feeling, etc. Neo-Freudians Alfred Adler o Importance of childhood social tension Karen Horney o Sought to balance Freud’s masculine biases Carl Jung o Emphasized the collective unconscious Concept of a shared, inherited reservoir of memory traces from our species history Archetypes Impressions in the collective unconscious
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