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Page 120

Essential Biology, 3rd Edition (Campbell Biology Websites)

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Unformatted text preview: You bcgm ,1 i'figlet. but lF-L‘ii A mmetfl‘hll in your H Star“ 5 the Milk w. " Hall m HII irans will develop ca :er [luring their iiielin: The dance of the chromosomes in a dividing cell is so precise thal only ' one Error occurs in iOUJJOD cell lelSlDl'lS. Just in the past stcnnd, millions of your cellsh divided in lwn. en: 1 l. i591 In W _ a“ “a an athulhsImnnl nilprmul m srvrrnl ivy Luqur rullrge «my Ail-“V“ “h "m mam ”[99 nrwor Nurdru .img ma Iol inceniw: ‘ Th: ad pnpers W mm" mm,” m aqm nl 2: .wi ,1? min was 'a|l‘ am‘. 'r‘ mam.“ am“ 1 tare, mm on hrr 51m. ll w l: ‘, WM. w: willi'iu lo "dundle' sum: and ma 5’“ m (wk mm V w wmun m M caught a! he! diam" 0' W “”qu ,, .. 'mlll 0! mm Invulvru. "'"TEWW 5““ M 0W, . m m uwli - = mum: fmkmwf mm urlmn l\ u-l. Mm |l n i», (“will ram mm“ our micly Inferl thrinabllllv in w l ‘ -‘ "-" W ‘-' "i u- 9' Vol-Emir kclla _ lzalinn :lurla labolnluw l. pflri dlsh. iliuwlng mr (all . mm impllrllirlg I»: EITI‘SWl l may pmwlde hu awn qui -. .. ‘ .. gggfluflnl.W|IEl1seelilnq3 ll ‘ . la pmdld! rggs. um may i. . suanuel BEEEM)! m: m ‘ ‘ ‘M aim so” pm m risk farm: dunfll, [hr .il -- ml» ll mp» Illrwpply gin“ me 1590; mcmsmlu . l l n w,- yrell ullered Io wen- llfilanarSiflin ailgmul I: 'i i l -i )lelihli‘cggs The lcnnumicsal‘cgg ’uu .4i m ‘rgrll "mums ihai our lutllw musl lac: Am we ran . "in All null-u, and sellmq human my.) How much mum is cr n n7 Becauss lvr .5 2n :xptnswc pmcmufl. mugles wha sack my nancialiy secure Tile womm paid an dong“ gggs‘ an the grim ham .1 Do w: Wis" in autumn: a system in whiny. pnnr women pllJVIUI' ewe la urn wnmgn? What-u a iesull of Ivan naiural reproducrmn. all mulnccllular organisms sun mil an smglr all mar uiwua mm two cells, which dividz m make iuur arlls,tli=n eight. and 9: an in: vcruciualiun uflnl: depcnds on m: pmducimn ul «cw cell; in {his chapter. we‘ll lmk a! haw individual cells Flplnduu and. mm 5:: how all wpmducllnn underlies me process orsexual rcproduclinn. I mu m . mi . r. V.nman 'l rrr- hum an i. we willing m lrnm a What Cell Reproduction Accomplishes Winn you hear m: wuul «mam-m, you probably think arm: 1m us new organisms. 13m mymnluw‘nn actually occur: much more nftm m [in cellular lwcl‘ Consider the slrjn un your arm. The surfwc [H prolecdve laycr oF-iesd malls. in: undcmealh are layer: aniVing ails busy mrrying um :11: chemical macums yml studmdin Unll One The living cells nf ynur slrin arc :ilw engugrd in :lnmh:r vim] animy:Theysre repmducing dmnsalvu‘ 11-: MW cells are muving award Iowanithz skin‘s mm. replacing dud tells that have rubbed oil: This mnzwll ufynur skin guts m throughout your life. Aml when your Sim. is injured. Iddin'nml cell r:- pmducu'un helps heal me wound. Within your body, millions ofoells must div-id: every 55mm! (osmiu- min a mml numhgr uf aha-u: an Billion L'clls. Th: replacemnm afloat ur damaged ccllsir just an: of the impumm [013 that all mpmdncfimhot quru 8.1 An eight-u" human :rnhnpu. mix hum-n amhwu was named mm m win: iumlmmurflh- swirl-I “I an In: unliwn his awed mreumsm luml aim “in Than cal: wlli :unllnua \n flwme mu mun Inucinlrza, flaullwnl mm mm. wrm. mnmlw arms In be m mm cumin Mmupnm:mma in ...
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