What Is Qualitative Design

What Is Qualitative Design - QUALITATIVE DESIGN: AN...

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JUDITH PREISSLE THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA I. WHAT IS QUALITATIVE RESEARCH? A. Qualitative research is a loosely defined category of research designs or models, all of which elicit verbal, visual, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory data in the form of descriptive narratives like field notes, recordings or other transcriptions from audio- and videotapes, and other written records and pictures or films. B. It is also called interpretive research, naturalistic research, phenomenological research, and descriptive research. II. WHERE DOES QUALITATIVE RESEARCH COME FROM? A. Social and cultural anthropology B. Qualitative sociology C. Professional studies: education, law, business, counseling, social work, library science, medicine, nursing, health professions, D. History E. Psychology: clinical, developmental, cognitive F. Case traditions: political science, economics G. Journalism, especially investigative reporting andmedia studies H. Fieldwork in the natural sciences, especially biology,geology, astronomy I. Humanities and the arts III. WHAT ARE COMMON QUALITATIVE RESEARCH DESIGNS? A. Ethnography
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What Is Qualitative Design - QUALITATIVE DESIGN: AN...

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