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112 Syllabus Spring 2008-2

112 Syllabus Spring 2008-2 - SPRING 2008 LENG112 CRITICAL...

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SPRING 2008 LENG112: CRITICAL ANALYSIS AND COMPOSITION Instructor: Mrs. Kristina Ohrn Office: PC 3224B Email: [email protected] Phone: (814) 871-7508 ext.1 OFFICE HOURS: I encourage you to see me in my office to discuss an assignment or your progress in the course. My office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.. If you cannot meet with me during my regular office hours, please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a time convenient to both of us. TEXTS: Palmquist, Mike. The Bedford Researcher. Boston: Bedford, 2006. Other readings will be available on my reserve in the library, on my e-reserve, or in class. COURSE DESCRIPTION: LENG112 is designed to extend what you learned in LENG111 by continuing your exploration of multiple genres. The focus in LENG112 will be on academic genres and information literacy. You will continue to learn how to interpret and evaluate information from serious and scholarly sources. In addition, you will learn to use library resources, the Internet, and other methods (for example, interviews and observation) for research. You will understand the research approaches and conventions for reporting research in a variety of disciplines and thus will be well-prepared to succeed in courses in your own majors and in your personal and professional lives after college. COURSE OUTCOMES: In this course, students 1. differentiate among purposes for reading 2. adapt reading strategies depending upon your purposes for reading 3. interpret other writers’ texts in light of evidence from other sources 4. identify the elements of argument in and areas of agreement and disagreement among texts 5. evaluate the relative credibility of sources, the relative quality of evidence in arguments, and the relative logic of arguments 6.
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