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Art Selections 10/16/08 Dionysos in a Boat- First the focal point (the place in the painting where you look first) in this is the Sail of the boat. I am not sure if the white is meant to be there or if it is from aging of the work. Next you notice Dionysos in the boat. He is depicted to look strong and possible handsome. I then noticed the grapes and vines seeming to come from out of the boat. I am not sure what that might be there for, my best guess is that it is to represent the wine of Dionysos, because he is the God of wine. I also am wondering what the fish represent? What kind of fish are they? I am going to guess some kind of Dolphin. Athena pouring wine for Hercules- The focal point is Athena pouring the wine. Then you notice Hercules and his odd outfit. Why is he dressed like a lion? I am not sure if this is from a story or represents something about him. I also think that you would expect Heracles to look much stronger and handsome; after all he is a great worrier. In the bottom of the picture near Hercules, there is a stick of some sort. What is that stick
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Unformatted text preview: for? It also most seems to be connected to Heracles to make a tail. If you look in Athena’s other hand, you can see what appears to be a bird, possible a dove? What does that represent? Lastly I noticed the helmet behind Athena, it appears to be very big, is it Athena’s or Hercules? Libation Procession and Funerary Offering to the Dead- First I see the focal point as the spaces were the white background is split with the blue background. Then looking at the people I notice the detail in the people in the picture, they are carrying a variety of thing. I also noticed the men and women are split and they are in front of two different backgrounds. It that symbolic for the split in background with the genders? On the men’s side we see some who appears to be behind the tomb, is this Orestes? Also it is hard not to notice the boards. It is very detailed and with a great amount of designs....
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