Exam1 - FI 478 Investment Strategies and Speculative...

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FI 478 Investment Strategies and Speculative Markets Professor Fan Yu Exam I Spring 2008 Student Name Student Number Instructions 1. Write down your name and student number in the spaces provided above. 2. There are four questions in this examination. 3. You have one hour and twenty minutes to complete the test. 4. Please outline your solutions, and indicate intermediate steps and calculations. Partial credit will be awarded if you provide su¢ cient evidence of approaching a problem correctly. 1
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security. a portfolio of existing securities with available market prices, so that the payo/of the portfolio mimics the payo/of the derivative. By the principle of no arbitrage, the value of the derivative would have to equal the cost of the portfolio, which can be calculated based on portfolio weights and market prices. contract in return for receiving the asset at the maturity date of the contract. In a perfect world with no restriction on short selling, what should be the pre-paid forward price on a non-dividend-paying stock? Explain. It should be just the current stock price. If this were higher, one can short the prepaid forward
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Exam1 - FI 478 Investment Strategies and Speculative...

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