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Mitzak 1 Computers in today’s society are used for a wide range of things. Almost everywhere you go today you are required to have some sort of basic understanding of how a computer is operated. There is a wide variety of use and need for a computer in the medical field. Computers are used in the medical field for analyzing and research, in equipment and tools that are used to analyze a patients’ condition, record keeping, communication, and schedule making. Computers play a huge role in the medical field and this role will continue to increase as computers continue to get better, faster, and more dependable. Computers introduce us to a vast resource of knowledge and capabilities that have not been heard of in the past. One way computers are utilized in the medical field is for record keeping and paperwork. Without computers many problems could arise when dealing with a patient’s file and medical records. Everyone has different handwriting so legibility could be an issue. Another problem could be storage of the information. With bulk paperwork comes a need for storage space and with the expansion of hospitals and space in high demand it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage medical records (Day, S. B., & Brandejs, J. F.). By having an integrated computer system reports can easily be entered in patients files from terminals throughout the hospital and records can be accessed by more than one person at a time. Important facts about the patients can be stored in a computer. Records of past treatments and suggested medicines and their results can also be stored. Such systems can be very effective and helpful for the doctors. Along with keeping records and storing paperwork, computers are also very useful in hospital administration. By using computers hospitals can computerize accounting, payroll and their stock system in ledgers (Computers in Hospitals, par. 4).
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Mitzak 2 Records of different types of medicines can be easily filed and their distribution and use in different wards can be followed and documented with ease. Along with distributing the medicine, computers enable prescriptions to be printed up easily and efficiently. Computers also come in to play with patients and their insurance agencies. They allow bills to be easily sent back and forth so that compensation is met proficiently and quickly. Health care professionals use computers because they can help increase productivity. There are many ways in which computers have affected the productivity and accuracy of doctors directly. With the introduction of the personal digital assistant (PDA), doctors have been enabled to treat patients more accurately by using the devices as medical look-ups. Different software’s are available that store different diseases and their symptoms. Diagnosis of a disease is possible by entering the symptoms of a patient.
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Computers in the Medical field - Mitzak 1 Computers in...

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