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STAT 200 Project 2

STAT 200 Project 2 - at home by calling them over the phone...

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Domonique Williams, Domonique Williams [email protected] Section 006 Project 2 1. The aspects that Americans are the most skeptical about are the scientific sampling foundation, the questions that are formed and asked to the public, how the answers from these questions reflects the true opinion of the public, and how does Gallup create the polls themselves. 2. From this article, I learned that the polls provided to gain the public opinion do not represent the entire population. Selecting only about a 1,000 random people out a population of 187 million is not enough to get an opinion to speak for them. 3. The sampling frame used by Gallup is probability sampling. They use this method to get an equal number of individuals for their polls without causing bias and allow every American adult to have a chance to be in the poll(s). 4. The Gallup Poll minimize the chances of non-response bias by reaching the chosen individuals
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Unformatted text preview: at home by calling them over the phone instead of going to public places such as a supermarket and a mall. 5. The Gallup Poll first selects the “national adult” of the household, if there are more than one “national adult” then Gallup asks for each individual‘s birthday, their age, and their gender. Gallup randomly picks the “national adult” who has the latest birthday in that particular household to interview. 6. The split sample technique is used to measure the different wordings of questions and how they impact the public. Instead of giving the whole population the same questions, Gallup randomly selects half who will receive certain questions that was worded differently in a survey while the other half gets the other questions. Gallup then compared and writes reports based on the answers from these surveys based on the impact from the difference of the surveys...
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