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MGT 410 Weiss Ch 2 Study Guide

MGT 410 Weiss Ch 2 Study Guide - • The Moral...

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MGT 410 Chapter 2 Study Guide Quiz 3 Key concepts to Know Stakeholder vs. Stockholder Stakes: what is it Why use a Stakeholder Approach for Business Ethics Primary vs. Secondary Stakeholders How to Execute a Stakeholder Analysis Definition The Seven Steps: the order and generally what they are Stakeholder Moral Responsibility Matrix Stakeholder’s Potential for Threat to an Organization : The Diagnostic Typology Stakeholder Resolutions Methods: The ADR continuum - negotiation, facilitation, mediation, arbitration, litigation
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Unformatted text preview: • The Moral Responsibilities of the different Functional Professionals • Issues Management: definition; importance • The 6 step Issue Management Process (you do not need to know the 7 Phase Issue Development Process or the 4 stage Issue Life Cycle) • Crisis Management - definition • Crisis Management Approach: Corporate Social Response Phases (pg. 81-82) (You do not have to know Precrisis through Resolution) • Crisis Management recommendations...
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